poco loco, "Crazy Starts With us!"

Our Story

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we are poco loco


The story of Poco Loco is the story of our family, and most importantly, Chef Jose Ramirez.


In 1992, Chef Jose was an apprentice cook in a little Roslyn, New York restaurant called Poco Loco Mexican Cafe.

This name has been part of us for many years. It has been the catalyst of many triumphs, many opportunities, and many memories. Poco Loco is much more than just a name or a restaurant. Poco Loco is our family, our food, our drive to provide memorable experiences. Although the original Poco Loco is no longer operating, we have ensured that its legacy and spirit lives on. By sharing this with you all, we will ensure that service and flavor was the same it was those many years ago, in Roslyn, New York. We are all Poco Loco.


Monday - Thursday: 11am-11pm

Friday-Sunday: 11am-11pm

Holidays: Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day


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